Online Store Small Business Web Design Package


About This Product

We love to support small businesses by building online stores. Our dream is to give small businesses a chance to thrive due to a strong online store presence. We want your customers to not only efficiently find your product or service, but also understand who you are and why you are providing your product or service.

Our Online Store Small Business Web Design Package includes the following features:

  1. We build your WordPress website from scratch.
  2. We create up to 10 pages for the website.
  3. We setup a contact form, newsletter signup, and/or scheduling software.
  4. We make great user experience.
  5. We guarantee next day website completion once we receive the business questionnaire.
  6. We optimize website speed.
  7. We research to provide SEO for your specific line of work.
  8. We ensure mobile-responsive websites.
  9. We install WooCommerce.
  10. We create your WooCommerce products.
  11. We design your WooCommerce store page.
  12. We connect your WooCommerce store to your payment processor.
  13. We schedule two revision meetings once we receive the business questionnaire.
  14. We train you or your associate in website and WooCommerce usage during our closeout meeting.


Once you purchase our online store small business web design package, you will be redirected to our business questionnaire. Please fill it out completely and submit your questionnaire for us to begin building your new website.

* If you require a function outside of contact forms, newsletter signups, and/or adding a scheduling link, you will need to speak with a member of our team to price it accordingly.

** If you have not already had a meeting with one of our members, it would greatly benefit us to be able to meet with you to see if this package be able to accomplish all of your goals.